The one and only top 5 casino tips & strategies

If you have decided to visit your favorite casino again in the near future, keep these 5 casino gambling tips and strategies in mind. Do you win some money during your visit? Consider it a nice bonus. The smarter gamblers know exactly that the main goal is to have fun and not to win money. This is due to the fact that the casino almost always has an advantage. Yet there are opportunities to increase the chances and get more out of your game. Read our five tips here.


1. You must know your limits


It is quite difficult to keep track of exactly what your spending is in a casino in the heat of battle, but it is very important that you set a budget for yourself and stick to it.
How much you want to lose


You can make it easier for yourself by deciding how much money you want to lose in advance. That will mean that this must be money that you don't need for other things.

Plan ahead


Many people plan well in advance where they will have dinner, how they will go on holiday or which film they would like to see. Gambling will not be an exception here. If you can't afford to lose money, don't play. And do you still win a nice amount? Don't be afraid to go home immediately and keep the money in your pocket.

Set time limit


Setting a time limit while playing is also very important. Take breaks such as taking a drink or snack into account. Now that you have drawn up a plan, you must stick to it. Go home at the time you discussed with yourself in advance. Of course, your budget will also determine how early you leave the casino. Are you blowing the entire budget within half an hour? Leave the casino!

Watch your alcohol consumption


And last but not least you will have to make sure that you defeat your opponents during a game of poker or that you make the right decisions at the blackjack tables. It is a requirement to watch your alcohol consumption. More than a few drinks per hour will have a big impact on your gambling behavior. The ability to successfully gamble will decrease. Set a limit for how much you drink and stick to it.


2. Get the most out of your game


By getting the most out of your game you can benefit more from all kinds of free bonus promotions that casinos offer you. For example, you can join a club to save points while using a card when you gamble. Even if you play for a few minutes, it can help. You use your card every time you play.

Be kept informed


Also try asking customer service if you can be kept informed of special bonuses by e-mail or text message. In this way you can visit the casino directly and take advantage of a fun promotion that is going on at that time.

Free coupons


Think of free coupons for a breakfast, a free second drink or a ticket for a nice tournament or a ticket to participate in a lottery with attractive prizes.


Almost every casino also offers new players an x ​​number of points and / or bonuses by registering for such a card. Do not be embarrassed, you want to get the most out of your game and as a result you profit optimally from exclusive offers.

Increasing bet ensures better payouts


Taking full value from playing slot machines is also possible. At many slot machines you can indicate the number of credits, lines or bet levels yourself. At first it will look confusing. Therefore, read the information screen carefully and see how you can get the best possible payouts.


By increasing the bet you have the chance to win better prizes. Also make sure that you always have enough money in the slot machine to activate a bonus game. These games will give you the most.

Go for the Royal Flush


The same applies to video poker when it comes to playing with a maximum bet. You may want to play for an hour or just one or two hands. Keep in mind that you will not get a royal flush quickly by gambling with just a few credits. The chance of a royal flush is nil and many hands must have been played for it. Of course you can be the lucky one to hit it after a few hands, but don't count on it. Make sure you have a nice budget where you can at least have experienced a bit of the tension by being more likely to win a royal flush jackpot.


3. Smiles for the cameras


Cameras, nowadays you can find them everywhere in the casino. They ensure that players feel safer. Even if there is a dispute about a wrong deal or payment, you can go directly to an employee to review the images. You will also have to bear in mind that you don't want to do anything stupid like counting cards, because the eye in the sky sees everything. Do you not feel protected enough against, for example, thieves? This can also be captured with cameras. Keep an eye on your wallet, bag, mobile or other personal belongings.


It is important to know that casinos often do not allow you to take photos while playing. For example, if you want to take a nice selfie with friends after a nice victory or you come across a celebrity person with whom you want to be photographed, first ask the floor boss kindly if that is allowed.


4. Know your games


Surprisingly, many players do not know the rules of a certain game that they try out at the online casino. Knowing your games can greatly improve your chances of winning. If you don't know how a game like Roulette is played, first learn the rules before you risk your hard-earned money. You also don't just compete against a Max Verstappen on the race track. The chance of winning will be almost as great on casino games that you have not read about before.


Once you have read a little about a new game, keep in mind that a casino has an advantage over the player. Often the main bets such as an ante area with Blackjack, punto or banco bet with Punto Banco or pass line with Craps will offer the lowest house advantage. The side bets or bonus bets can be up to five times higher.


5. Don't be afraid of the tax authorities


Gambling income is tax deductible. Depending on how much money you have won, the casino often pays the gambling tax (approximately 26% to 31%) before they pay you. You will have to declare prices that exceed a certain amount to the tax authorities yourself. You can fill in a form and indicate how much money you have earned at the casino. You can also indicate whether tax has already been paid on it.